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How to Prepare a Lake for Winter

How to Prepare a Lake for Winter

Winters on a lake can be slow, but that is not to underestimate amount of activity that is occurring under the water.  Year round a lake supports the ecosystem with fish, plants, and a natural resource for wildlife and waterfowls.  By taking a few steps, this home for so many and your lake equipment will be safe.  In preparing your lake for winter, here are a few things to consider for the health of your lake. Read more How to Prepare a Lake for Winter

What Is Lake Turnover?

What Is Lake Turnover?Lake turnover is a natural phenomenon that can occur in any given lake during rapid changes in weather temperatures.  A turnover is the rapid mixing of lake water.  Turnover can have devastating effects on fish, plants, and amphibians that live in the lake.  Anytime a turnover occurs, dissolved oxygen levels can be at stake.  Learn how turnovers can happen and how to prevent their devastating effects. Read more What Is Lake Turnover?

Fall Lake Maintenance

Fall Lake Maintenance

Fall is a beautiful time of year to enjoy the outdoors and cooler temperatures. Spending time out on or around the lake can be a high priority for gatherings of family and friends. Plus, the colorful reflections on the water can’t be beat, and spending time outside before winter frigid winter temperatures is a must. Lake management this time of year can be fairly simple as long as you follow a few simple steps. Read more Fall Lake Maintenance

Lake Management Is Made Easy with The Block™

Lake Management can be a time consuming and constantly monitored project, but it does not have to be. Whether you have one lake or management a business to help others with their property’s lakes, pond boss PRO is here to help you. The best lake maintenance requires a combination of key components to keep a healthy and balanced ecosystem. The two main factors are aeration and water treatments. Water treatments range from a wide variety of options each designed to target and treat potential or present problems in a lake’s water quality, clarity, and balance. Read more Lake Management Is Made Easy with The Block™

How to Prevent Green Water in Your Lake

Before and After Green Water

As summer months are warming up, it is the time to enjoy the outdoors. Wake up early for a calm morning by the dock, enjoy a round of golf with friends, or gather around the lake for an evening with family. A lake brings beauty to so many summer activities, so we want to help you maintain your lake by preventing algae growth and avoiding unsightly green water. Read more How to Prevent Green Water in Your Lake

The 411 on Beneficial Bacteria

Beneficial Bacteria

The use of beneficial bacteria is a safe natural way to help reduce harmful bacteria and improve oxygen levels in your lake.  Since bacteria compete for the same food source, using a concentrate of beneficial bacteria will help in reducing unwanted bacteria levels.  In addition, all lakes have a continuous nutrient load from fish, decaying plant matter, and/or rainwater runoff.  It is difficult at times for all this matter to be decomposed in a lake quickly enough to avoid murky water, foul smells, and algae blooms.  The beneficial bacteria helps to digest all of the added nutrients, leaving you with nothing but fresh smelling, clean, and clear water.  pond boss PRO has a beneficial bacteria maintenance program that is simple and effective called The Block™. Read more The 411 on Beneficial Bacteria