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How to Protect Your Fountain in Winter

How to Protect Your Fountain in Winter

Winter is a beautiful time of year and with all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season it  can be easy to overlook winter preparation for your fountain.  If you live in areas where you do not anticipate temperatures to drop to freezing, you can maintain your fountain as usual; however, if you live in areas that are anticipating freezing temperatures, you should winterize your fountain to protect the fountain and its components.  Luckily, winter fountain maintenance is simple and can be completed in a short period of time with these three simple steps. Read more How to Protect Your Fountain in Winter

What’s Your Yard’s Feature Attraction?

What's Your Yards Feature Attraction

Your outdoor space is an important extension to your living space. It should reflect the desired look, feel, and utility desired by you and your family. From a relaxing oasis getaway to a fun entertainment space, your yard can be transformed into exactly what is best for you. Whenever you create an outdoor space of any kind you will want a feature attraction. Something to draw people’s eyes to your yard and want them to venture into it. pond boss has just the thing. The water features include a large array of spillways to make a waterfall installation a snap as well as floating fountains for large ponds and lakes. Read more What’s Your Yard’s Feature Attraction?

The No-Outlet Water Gardening Project: Use Solar Power

Solar Power

Have you been thinking about adding solar energy to your home?  The benefits of tapping into this energy source are sweeping the nation and world.  The US is leading the world in private and business solar installations, and China is no match to other nations in solar energy production according to a recent article from Time.com.  Much is too be gained at the idea of reduced energy bills.  Many do not think about the impact solar energy could have on water gardening.  It is weird to think about electricity and water in the same though, but pond boss has come up with some great products that are already connected to a solar panel, so you can start reaping the benefits of a beautiful water feature without the monthly costs of upkeep. Read more The No-Outlet Water Gardening Project: Use Solar Power