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Top Summer Maintenance Tips

Summer Maintenance Tips

Summer is here and it is time for barbecues, family trips, and fun in the sun. Ponds in the summer are a bit of a different story. They are experiencing high nutrient loads and too much sun. Here is your guide to combat these problems and get back to all of the fun activities you have planned. Read more Top Summer Maintenance Tips

Add Aeration to Your Pond with a Waterfall

Aeration is a key component to any water feature.  Aeration is the introduction of dissolved oxygen into the water.  It is simple to identify if aeration is being introduced to your pond.  Do you notice bubbles on the surface of your water from a fountain nozzle or waterfall?  If not, it is time to consider how you would like to add aeration to your pond. Read more Add Aeration to Your Pond with a Waterfall