The Importance of Pond Filtration

The Importance of Pond Filtration

Water and filtration go hand in hand. It is the reason you probably have filtered water in your home or opt for bottled water. There are three main occurrences of naturally purified water: mechanical, biological, and evaporation. The first is mechanical, as water is along the surface of the earth it can pass through soil, gravel, and rocks into aquifers that can be drilled into as a water source. The next is biological with water passing through forests, grasslands, or wetlands and plants absorbing chemicals from the water and helping to compete for nutrient loads. The final form, is through the evaporation. This process separates water from other materials at a microscopic level for evaporation and when it condensates creating rain there is only water left. Does this sound familiar to ponds? If so, that is because the filtration that naturally occurs in nature is so meant to be replicated in ponds.



The mechanical filtration found in pond is through the use of filter pads. Coarse filter pads will large pieces of debris like water passing over gravel, and fine filter pads will collect small pieces of debris like water passing through a slightly porous rock.

Filter Pads


Biological filtration can happen in ponds with certain types of aquatic plants. Here is an article to learn more about how aquatic plants can help filter water. Filtration systems also provide a biological component to the filtration process. BioBalls or ceramic media are used at the base of the filter to allow beneficial bacteria a place to grow and colonize. Beneficial bacteria compete directly with unwanted bacteria in the pond for their food source stunting their growth and ability to take over your pond.



Just kidding, evaporation from your pond is not ideal considering you are not able to control where the rainwater later falls, and you don’t want to empty your pond. However, there is a source of filtration the resemble the microscopic filtering power of evaporation and that is UV Technology. The power behind UV technology is that is able to break apart the microscopic cells away from the particles of your pond water as it passed by the UV bulb filtering clean water back into your pond.

UV Clarifier Cut Away

Make sure your pond is receiving proper levels of filtration and enjoy the beauty of clean and clear water with the use of mechanical, biological, and UV technology filtration. To learn more information about filtration products search here, or speak with Customer Care at 1-888-755-6750, Monday-Friday 8a.m.-6p.m. ET.

Lake Management Is Made Easy with The Block™

Lake Management can be a time consuming and constantly monitored project, but it does not have to be. Whether you have one lake or management a business to help others with their property’s lakes, pond boss PRO is here to help you. The best lake maintenance requires a combination of key components to keep a healthy and balanced ecosystem. The two main factors are aeration and water treatments. Water treatments range from a wide variety of options each designed to target and treat potential or present problems in a lake’s water quality, clarity, and balance. Read more Lake Management Is Made Easy with The Block™

Water Quality Month

Water Quality MonthFrom the years 2005 to 2015 the United Nations call upon the world for an international decade of action call “Water for Life” to highlight the importance of water quality at the time and for years to come. They outline the need for change as “Declining water quality has become a global issue of concern as human populations grow, industrial and agricultural activities expand, and climate change threatens to cause major alterations to the hydrological cycle”. Out of this campaign, August was designated as Water Quality month. Read more Water Quality Month

The No-Outlet Water Gardening Project: Use Solar Power

Solar Power

Have you been thinking about adding solar energy to your home?  The benefits of tapping into this energy source are sweeping the nation and world.  The US is leading the world in private and business solar installations, and China is no match to other nations in solar energy production according to a recent article from  Much is too be gained at the idea of reduced energy bills.  Many do not think about the impact solar energy could have on water gardening.  It is weird to think about electricity and water in the same though, but pond boss has come up with some great products that are already connected to a solar panel, so you can start reaping the benefits of a beautiful water feature without the monthly costs of upkeep. Read more The No-Outlet Water Gardening Project: Use Solar Power

Lighting: The Simple & Stunning Addition to Your Pond


If you are a person always on the go, you might find that you don’t have the time to be at home as often as you would like. You might even find that you are missing out on enjoying your beautiful waterfall feature. Unfortunately we can’t give you the day off of work to go home to relax near the pond, but we can provide you will a simple pond solution that will allow you to enjoy it when you are home in the evenings. Read more Lighting: The Simple & Stunning Addition to Your Pond

How to Safely Use Water Treatments in a Fish Pond

Water Treatments for Fish Ponds

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Summer Maintenance Tips

Summer is here and it is time for barbecues, family trips, and fun in the sun. Ponds in the summer are a bit of a different story. They are experiencing high nutrient loads and too much sun. Here is your guide to combat these problems and get back to all of the fun activities you have planned. Read more Top Summer Maintenance Tips

How to Prevent Green Water in Your Lake

Before and After Green Water

As summer months are warming up, it is the time to enjoy the outdoors. Wake up early for a calm morning by the dock, enjoy a round of golf with friends, or gather around the lake for an evening with family. A lake brings beauty to so many summer activities, so we want to help you maintain your lake by preventing algae growth and avoiding unsightly green water. Read more How to Prevent Green Water in Your Lake