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Fall Lake Maintenance

Fall Lake Maintenance

Fall is a beautiful time of year to enjoy the outdoors and cooler temperatures. Spending time out on or around the lake can be a high priority for gatherings of family and friends. Plus, the colorful reflections on the water can’t be beat, and spending time outside before winter frigid winter temperatures is a must. Lake management this time of year can be fairly simple as long as you follow a few simple steps. Read more Fall Lake Maintenance

The 411 on Ponds in Fall

The 411 on Ponds in FallFall is undoubtedly a great time to enjoy your pond. With mild temperatures and the beautiful colors with the leaves changing, being outdoors during this season is a high priority for so many. Being out by the pond adds an extra excitement to your pond. It is a great time to enjoy all of your hard work this spring and summer through the maintenance and any additions you have made. Plus, all of those beautifully colored trees makes for some awesome reflections on the surface of the water. Here are our tips to make sure you are making the most out of your pond this fall. Read more The 411 on Ponds in Fall

What’s Your Yard’s Feature Attraction?

What's Your Yards Feature Attraction

Your outdoor space is an important extension to your living space. It should reflect the desired look, feel, and utility desired by you and your family. From a relaxing oasis getaway to a fun entertainment space, your yard can be transformed into exactly what is best for you. Whenever you create an outdoor space of any kind you will want a feature attraction. Something to draw people’s eyes to your yard and want them to venture into it. pond boss has just the thing. The water features include a large array of spillways to make a waterfall installation a snap as well as floating fountains for large ponds and lakes. Read more What’s Your Yard’s Feature Attraction?

The 411 on UV Technology for Ponds


The 411 on UV Technology for PondsUV Technology can sound like a pretty intimidating filtration option for you pond, but pond boss makes it simple and we will break down why this might be a great filtration solution for your pond. UV technology is compact solution that is proactive with simple maintenance. This really could be the simplest filtration system that you have been looking for. Read more The 411 on UV Technology for Ponds

When It Is Time for Product Maintenance

When It Is Time for Product Maintenance

From time to time, your pond pumps, filters, lights, and nozzles will need to be maintained. Just like other products, maintenance ensures the best performance and longest lifespan of your product. When it comes to your pond, if you notice lower performance from a pump or filter for example, it is time to take it out to clean it. Let’s walk through what this looks like and how to be maintain your products. Read more When It Is Time for Product Maintenance

The Importance of Pond Filtration

The Importance of Pond Filtration

Water and filtration go hand in hand. It is the reason you probably have filtered water in your home or opt for bottled water. There are three main occurrences of naturally purified water: mechanical, biological, and evaporation. The first is mechanical, as water is along the surface of the earth it can pass through soil, gravel, and rocks into aquifers that can be drilled into as a water source. The next is biological with water passing through forests, grasslands, or wetlands and plants absorbing chemicals from the water and helping to compete for nutrient loads. The final form, is through the evaporation. This process separates water from other materials at a microscopic level for evaporation and when it condensates creating rain there is only water left. Does this sound familiar to ponds? If so, that is because the filtration that naturally occurs in nature is so meant to be replicated in ponds. Read more The Importance of Pond Filtration

Lake Management Is Made Easy with The Block™

Lake Management can be a time consuming and constantly monitored project, but it does not have to be. Whether you have one lake or management a business to help others with their property’s lakes, pond boss PRO is here to help you. The best lake maintenance requires a combination of key components to keep a healthy and balanced ecosystem. The two main factors are aeration and water treatments. Water treatments range from a wide variety of options each designed to target and treat potential or present problems in a lake’s water quality, clarity, and balance. Read more Lake Management Is Made Easy with The Block™

Water Quality Month

Water Quality MonthFrom the years 2005 to 2015 the United Nations call upon the world for an international decade of action call “Water for Life” to highlight the importance of water quality at the time and for years to come. They outline the need for change as “Declining water quality has become a global issue of concern as human populations grow, industrial and agricultural activities expand, and climate change threatens to cause major alterations to the hydrological cycle”. Out of this campaign, August was designated as Water Quality month. Read more Water Quality Month