The No-Outlet Water Gardening Project: Use Solar Power

Solar Power

Have you been thinking about adding solar energy to your home?  The benefits of tapping into this energy source are sweeping the nation and world.  The US is leading the world in private and business solar installations, and China is no match to other nations in solar energy production according to a recent article from  Much is too be gained at the idea of reduced energy bills.  Many do not think about the impact solar energy could have on water gardening.  It is weird to think about electricity and water in the same though, but pond boss has come up with some great products that are already connected to a solar panel, so you can start reaping the benefits of a beautiful water feature without the monthly costs of upkeep.


Solar Fountains

pond boss has three solar fountain options: Floating Lily Pad Fountain, Fountain Pump Kit, and Fountain Pump Kit with Rechargeable Batteries. All of these systems can be added to an existing pond. The fountain kits can even be use on their own to create a beautiful DIY fountain in the container of your choice, and using the kit with rechargeable batteries will allow your feature to continue running even after the sun has set.


Solar Aerator

The Solar Aerator is a free floating system that can be added to any pond. This is a great addition especially in summer months when the sun is at it’s peak and higher oxygen levels are so crucial in fish ponds. Harnessing the energy of the sun to add more aeration to your pond seems to be a match that can’t be beat.


Solar Birdbath Spitter

The Birdbath Spitter is a beautiful decor addition to your yard. The sound of moving water from a spitter will help birds hear the water source and adding the a birdbath or fountain is a great way to invite more birds into your yard. Make sure to move your birdbath near a window or patio to enjoy your new guests.


All of these additions do not require an outlet so the placement in your pond or yard is not limited as you are typically to your GFCI outlet location. Now that you have an idea of how many ways there are to incorporate solar energy into your yard, what will you choose?


For more information on the solar products browse our website or consult Customer Care at 1-888-755-6750 Monday-Friday 8am-6pm ET.