Which Water Treatments Should I Use?


Water Treatments

Maintaining a pond when it comes to water treatments can see daunting at first. There are a lot of options out there, and you certainly don’t want to be using anything in excess or a product to solve a different problem than the one you maybe experiencing. This quick guide will match you with the product that you should be using based on what your are wanting to achieve from your pond.


Water Treatments Chlorine RemoverChlorine Remover or Chlorine Remover plus Conditioner – when any new water is added to your pond (if you have fish, it is best to treat the water separately before applying).





Water Treatments Water Clarifier and Sludge RemoverWater Clarifier – when you have murky water (works best when followed with use of Sludge Remover a few days later).

Sludge Remover – breaks down sludge build-up from the bottom of the pond.




Water Treatment Liquid Barley Water ClarifierNatural Barley Pond Clarifier – apply monthly to reduce murky water.






Water Treatments Pond and Fountain Cleaner TabletsNatural Pond & Fountain Cleaner Tablets – apply every other week to reduce murky water.






Water Treatments Pond BluePond Blue – apply as desired for visual effect. Plus, it creates added protection from harmful UV rays keeping the water cool for fish.






Water Treatments AlgaecideAlgaecide – use weekly or every other week in warmer months to prevent green water *Follow dosage and label instruction carefully and to insure proper aeration for fish and plants during treatment.





Water Treatments Warm Water Bacteria and Cold Water BacteriaWarm Water Bacteria – use in warmer season and when reopening a pond to maintain water balance.

Cold Water Bacteria – use when shutting down your pond for winter to keep water balanced during colder months.




Fountain & Birdbath Cleaner use to remove limescale and natural buildup on fountains and birdbaths







For a full guide on water treatment watch our full video:


We have also made a downloadable maintenance guide that allows you to fill in the dates that you treat your water, and remind with help remind you if you are seeing gaps of what more you may need to do.

For any additional questions are water treatment options or how to best maintain your pond, call Customer Care at 1-888-755-6750, Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET.