What should I do for my pond throughout the year?

• Be sure to check the water levels in your pond regularly. Keep water levels consistent, adding fresh water when levels get too low. And always be sure to use a Chlorine Remover (#CCR16, #CCR32, #CCR64) when doing so.

• If you have an excess buildup of leaves or debris, do your best to get some of this out of the pond. You can do this by using our Skimmer Fish Net (#AFNT). Getting the excess debris out will help keep the water balanced.

• Use a Sludge Remover (#CSR16, #CSR64) to improve water clarity in your pond while also eating the organic waste and debris left behind by fallen leaves.

• At least once a year, you should change the filter pads and UV bulbs in your filtration products.

• To get rid of string algae quickly, use a Pond or Pool Vacuum (#MVAC) with multi-purpose nozzles.