What is a magnetic driven pump?

Magnetic driven pumps tend to be the best pump for maintaining pond functions. In a magnetic driven pump, the electricity from your outlet creates an electromagnet that drives an impeller and magnetic shaft. When the mag-drive pump is plugged in, the magnetic shaft and impeller will spin in the magnetic field created by the electromagnet to push water through the outlet of the pump. This method of pushing the water tends to be far more energy efficient than in other comparable pumps. Mag-drive pumps are perfectly safe for ponds stocked with fish as there is no danger of oil leaks and they are completely sealed and do not need oil for lubrication due to their innovative electromagnet-driven mechanism. The draw back however is, they are very limited to pushing water to significant head heights. In the event that a mag-drive pump was to stop working, replacement parts are commonly available and are easy to install. Most often, the only repair needed on a mag drive pump is the magnetic shaft and impeller as it is the only moving part.