What are UV Clarifiers?

Ultraviolet clarifiers are not normally considered to be filters but are usually used in combination with or actually inside the filter itself. UV clarifiers are designed specifically to combat the problem of green water due to algae, bacteria and other microorganisms that flow through the clarifier. The clarifier then returns clear, safe water back to the pond. The unit itself consists of an ultraviolet light bulb housed inside of a quartz sleeve and contained within a filter or PVC housing. Any cells contained in the thin layer of water that flows over the quartz sleeve will be exposed to the UV light and killed. The beneficial bacteria growing on the media inside of the filter or on the bottom of the pond are never in danger of being harmed or killed by the clarifier because they are stationary and will not pass over the bulb. Only suspended algae, bacteria and parasites are affected. A common misconception is that string or filamentous algae will be killed after installing a UV light. This type of algae usually covers and clings to a substrate and will not be drawn into the clarifier. Clarifiers do require seasonal maintenance. Be sure to check the quartz sleeve for obstruction and replace the UV bulb every season even if it appears to be working. Reason being, they can lose their effectiveness over time.

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